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Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders Overview

Sometimes just knowing and contemplating the facts about sexual abuse is not enough. Being aware of a problem is a good start, but no matter which way you look at it, you'll still be at risk if you don't take the initiative and fight back.

With FreeSexOffenderReports.com you'll always be one step ahead of the perpetrators who invade your neighborhoods and harass you and your children. Our sex offender Reports will pinpoint the names of all of the registered and convicted sex offenders in your neighborhood. All that we require is your address. Join us today and receive your first report which will give you full access to our state of the art database. Additionally, an email will be sent to your account whenever a new offender enters your area.

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Is Your Child Safe?

The hardships involved in raising children are many, and include constant worries. Is my child safe at school? Could he or she get involved in drugs and sex? Or both? Still, as much as these fears strike hard to the core, these seem to shadow in comparison to the biggest fear of all: the sex offender.

The numbers don't lie. The National Criminal Justice Reference latest 2007 study revealed some statistics that may shock you. If anything, we hope they make you more aware of this growing problem.

For the year 2006, it was reported that 905,000 children were either abused or neglected in some way, almost 9 percent of whom were sexually abused. Frighteningly, over 8 percent of victims between the ages of 4 and 7 were sexually abused. As well, to maybe emphasize the growing nature of this problem, almost 75 percent of the over 900,000 victims reported in 2006 were first-time victims.

It has also been revealed of late that one in five adults admitted they had been sexually abused as a child. The most troubling part of these admissions, though, was the fact that 85 percent of these brave souls never reported these crimes as a child or later on in life. This of course begs the question: How many other cases have gone unannounced over the years? One thing is for sure: sex offenders are still prevalent in our society and the problem may be worsening.

These sexual predators are most of the time (around 90 percent) people you know and have come to trust. Cunning and convincing, these lecherous individuals will find anyway into the lives of your children, so it is your responsibility to do whatever you can to protect the ones you love.

How Do I Know Where The Sex Offenders Live?

Keeping abreast of sex offenders in your neighborhood is a top priority. The problem is, These deviants are smart and ruthless, and make it there business to get to your children before its too late. Raising kids is hard enough, to have to deal with the constant worry and threat of a sex offender is almost too much to take. The good news is that there are now measures you can take to protect the ones you love.

It doesn't help, though, that so many convicted offenders are put back on the streets far too quickly. The numbers released last year by the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics paints a picture that is scary to say the least. Of the 9,700 convicted offenders released in said year, 4300 of them were termed as child molesters. Over 3% of these convicted child molesters struck again within the next three years, arrested for some sort of child-related sex crime. In fact, of these 4300 convicted felons, the average sentence was never more than 7 years in prison and the sex offender rarely served more than 3 years of this sentence.

It's actually rather easy to find this information online, though it can be quite long-winded to sift through all the data. What we offer you is an up to date service giving you access to the National Sex Offenders Registry plus the use of a tracking tool that is able to locate sex offenders in the surrounding area of up to 3 addresses. Our service is also integral because though we acquire most of our data from the FBI, the FBI is more concerned with apprehending the criminals rather than alerting you of there whereabouts. With our daily e-mail alerts, you'll always know when a sex offender shows up on your radar.

Sex Offenders Registry

Enclosed in this document is a brief summary of everything you need to know about The National Sex Offenders Registry. Created in 1996, this national database has been working hard to track the thousands of pedophiles, rapists and other random sexual deviants that roam the nation as we speak.

The FBI, in association with the 1996 Lyncher Act, brought about the creation of The National Sex Offenders Registry. Developed and implemented by the FBI in the same year, it continues to be run by said organization. The act made it obligatory for a convicted sex offender to inform the FBI that he was leaving any particular state. This may be the most important component of the database because it suddenly gave parents just like you the opportunity to protect themselves from potentially incoming harm.

The registry covers all 50 states (as well as Puerto Rico), so you can count on the database to provide every piece of information possible. That said, the registry has no control over the differing laws from state to state. This unfortunately means that one state could identify one person as registered sex offender, while another state may not.

The Registry is updated daily (and even more frequently in some states), allowing you to keep abreast of the potential danger in your neighborhood around the clock. At FreeSexOffenderReports.com, you'll receive a daily report through an email, keeping you up to speed with the latest. Whether it be a rapist, pedophile, or child molester, or state of the art website will notify you of their whereabouts in your surrounding area.


Rape Facts and Figures

To truly understand the severity of the numbers compiled by numerous agencies on the subject of rape, one must first get a true sense of what the word means. Rape is an act of violence as well as a sex crime, making it that much more worse than an act such as pedophilia. The rapist uses a position of strength to gain power over the victim. Often referred to as sexual assault (though there are different types of sexual assault besides rape), rape is an act where the aggressor forces his will upon the victim, making the victim perform a sexual act that he or she is not willing to do.

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), a leader in research on sexual abuse has more startling information on the subject. Stats that they compiled suggested that one in six American women had a been a victim of at least attempted rape in their lifetime. 15 percent of victims are under the age of 12 and of all rape victims, girls between the age of 16 and 19 are the most susceptible.

Studies of psychological trauma due to rape have also revealed some distressing numbers. Compared to the average citizen, past victims are 13 times more likely to become an alcoholic and 26 times more susceptible to become addicted to drugs. It was also shown that they were far more prone to such mental illnesses as depression, suicidal tendencies and post-traumtic disorder.

Rapes, similarly to acts of pedophilia, have been proven to occur close to home, suggesting that there is a form of familiarity between the victim and perpetrator. It was even shown that 20% of rapes occurred in either the home of the victim, a neighbor or relative.

There isn't and never will be a foolproof way of avoiding rape, but here is a list of tips and things you can do lower your risk:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. Try, as much possible, to never go out alone.
  2. If you're out and alone drinking, try not to drink to excess. It's hard to keep your guard up when you're passed out at the bar.
  3. If you're going to accept a drink from a stranger, make sure you see where it comes from. If you didn't, there is always the chance that the potential perpetrator could have put something in it, such as a date rape drug like GHB.
  4. A parking lot late at night is proven to be a danger area for rape victims. It's highly recommended to simply ask the parking attendant to walk you to your car in this situation. If there's no attendant around, try to find somebody you trust to escort you to your car.
  5. If you're forced to walk late at night for some reason, it's obviously a good idea to steer clear from danger areas like alleys, badly-lit streets or anywhere where the traffic is light. High traffic areas are more of a sure bet.
  6. It goes without saying but if you're alone in a car, don't pick up hitchhikers. Don't feel bad: somebody in a better and safer position than you can pick them up.


Pedophiles: Knowing The Enemy

As much as we wish they didn't exist, pedophiles are very real and live for the most part undetected amongst us. To live with the peace of mind that your children are safe, its important to have full knowledge of the whereabouts of these predators, who they are and what they look like. Here is a detailed list of important information you'll need to know about pedophiliacs.

Pedophilia is derived from the word paraphilia, meaning to have an abnormal or unnatural attraction. In this case, the "unnatural" attraction is that of an adult to a child in a sexual manner. More precisely, the perpetrator has fantasies about the victim, or worse, conducts sexual activities with the minor.

Profiling a pedophile is still a work-in progress. On the surface (without doing a full psychological work-up) the only real trait that most pedohpiles have in common is their struggle or inability to interact with adults. Conversely, they seem to have a much better rapport with children, a telling sign indeed. Pedophiles vary in age, race, culture and sensibility, so it is very hard to see one and immediately become suspicious. It has been proven though that pedophiles tend to stick to a specific age group. So if you learn about someone who has committed a sex crime against a 6 year old, its quite rare that this felon will commit the same crime with a pre-teen or adolescent.

No one knows for sure why pedophiles do what they do. Some say it could be a genetic disorder. The most prevalent theory suggests that, similar to such violent deviants as serial killers, the offender commits these acts because of some childhood occurrence, such as he or she themselves being sexually abused. Though pedophiles usually tell their victims to not tell their parents about their relationship, there is another theory that these sex offenders actually believe what they're doing is right, that their actions are furthering the sexual development of the child.

Knowing how widespread the problem of pedophilia is and always will be difficult. The utter shame that the victims live with is enough to keep most cases in the dark. Psychology Today, a reputed source for sexual deviant activity, has gone on the record as saying that 20 percent of children in America today have been sexually molested. Other reports indicate that roughly 1 in 4 boys and 1 in 3 girls are abused sexually before the age of 18. In a recent study, the FBI reported that more than 67% of all sexual assault victims were under the age of 18, suggesting that whatever the true numbers may be, the facts don't lie: pedophilia and sexual abuse against chidren is not going away anytime soon.