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Kid's Safety

Child Safety Overview

Protecting your child from harm is probably the no.1 priority for every parent. The best way to follow through with this endeavor is to keep yourself, as well as your child, well informed about potential sexual deviants, in public or online.

The first step to getting properly informed is to sign up today with Free Sex Offender Reports. We'll lessen your heavy load by giving you updates by email of any new sex offender entering your neighborhood or the surrounding areas. Once you know who these criminals are, chances will be much better that you'll be able to avoid them or at least identify them sooner than later.

Most importantly though, is the dialogue you'll be having about this problem with your child. Without properly educating your children about these issues, and making them aware of the potential warning signs (e.g. online interactions with questionable strangers), it will be very hard as a parent to fully protect your child. They'll need to be trained to know what a sketchy person looks and sounds like, and to always remember to keep their guard up against strangers regardless if they're friendly or not.

This education, combined with the information we'll be relaying to you on a constant basis should be a great defense against sex offenders.

Protecting Your Children

A child is a blessing and a gift. The day it arrives, you vow to protect it, no matter what, until the day you die. This is not an easy job, but still the most important job you have, because you cannot fail. Unfortunately, there are those among us who desire to make this job harder yet, due to their insatiable sexual appetite for children. Child molesters and sexual predators live among us and strike when we least expect.

Sex offenders, those who have already committed a crime that is, are all registered in the FBI's database (there are around 400,000 of them) and can be viewed by the general public. Sadly, it has been recently reported that nearly 100,000 of these registered offenders have gone missing or changed their identity, leaving the onus on the parent to make that much more of an effort to protect their children.

Below is guide to better protecting your children and knowing the dangers that you may encounter:

  1. Maybe the most important thing you need to be aware of is that nearly half of all child sex offenders had a history or relationship with their victims. So as much as you'd like to trust the people you know, these unfortunately are the ones you need to be the most wary of.
  2. It may go without saying, but its something that needs to be hammered home: Keep an eye on your children at all times. If you're not there to do this job, make sure someone you trust does. Your backyard may be your home, but its also one of the chief stomping ground for a sex offender, so don't have your child playing there unattended.
  3. One of the most important things to teach your children is what to do in a situation where a strange person interacts with them in a weird or aggressive manner. In a case like this, it is suggested to either scream for help or run and find a trusting figure of authority.
  4. Other worries are less easy to cope with. The Internet for example is a new dangerous place where sex offenders lurk. It is up to the parent to monitor which online arenas your child may be participating in, and assess the situation accordingly.

In the end, it usually comes down to properly educating the child at a young age to not engage in conversations with strangers, or at least to be extremely wary of them. For as much as you'd like to, it's impossible to always be watching over your child. By teaching them good principles and moral conduct, at least they'll stand a better chance of defending themselves.

Keeping Your Kids Safe From Online Sexual Deviants

In today's day and age, communicated over the internet has become second nature to the general population. for the most part this is a good thing, because it brings the world closer together. Unfortunately, there are people, such as sexual deviants, that you'd prefer to never be close to, especially your children.

It's gotten to the point that there are so many social networking systems available that its almost impossible to not be visible on the Web, making your children easy prey for sex predators. It has becoming increasingly difficult for these types of communities to weed out the problem cases, putting the burden firmly on the parent to ensure the safety of their children online.

Here's a couple of things you can do to lessen the chances of your child being gotten to online.

  1. Make sure your child understands the dangers of online predators. Don't scare the child per say, but give them a profile of the kind of person you'd like them to avoid.
  2. Unfortunately, pedophiles and such are smart enough to make the children they prey on feel comfortable in their presence. Is is important, then, to lay down certain rules for your child to abide by. Every parent has their preferences but obvious ones are making sure they do not provide any personal information such as their address, DOB, phone number or anything that may help the predator find them.

As much as the Internet world is virtual, your child being solicited online is as real as ever, and is happening more and more often. A recent study showed that 1 in 7 children were sexually solicited online in the past year. It's impossible, as well, for these stats to be 100% accurate, for there are surely a high number of cases that were not reported. Pedophiles will always gravitate to where the security is the lightest, and right now, the Internet is such a place, making it a hotspot for sexually deviant activity.

Learning How to Stop Sex Offenders

It's sad but true: sex offenders live among us, and act and look just like normal tax-paying citizens. In fact, the perpetrators in question are usually already known to you, have gained your trust, and are waiting for the first opportunity to strike. Remember this key stat: 75% of acts of child violence occur either at the home of the victim or that of the perpetrator, suggesting a form of bond had been created between them.

Educating your children can sometimes be the only defense against these sexual deviants. After all, if these individuals turn out to be people you trust, it may be up to your child in the end to realize that this monster is not what he appears to be. It is very important to make your child aware of rapists and pedophiles, and to always have their guard up against strangers and those who may be becoming too close.

Below are few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep the lines of communication with your child as open as possible. Make it a habit for your child to talk openly about everything that happens during a school day, such as a strange encounter with an older person.
  2. Remember that you're not the only one worried about the safety of your children. Create bonds with other parents and work with them to secure the safety of both your families. A common practice is the use of a buddy system, such as a situation where the children walk home together.
  3. Teach your children about reading a compass and what to do when they get lost. Anything like an ID tag or some form of identification to help the police get your child back to you is also recommended.
  4. Also, we can't emphasize enough the importance of making the internet a safe place for your child. The Web is probably the safest place for a sex offender to lurk and prey on victims without being caught. It's up to you the parent to educate your children about who and who not to talk to. As well, just like with parent locks on your TV, there is software you can purchase that will block similarly potential malicious content or forums where said perpetrators may be waiting.